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Why TPM is not giving the great results in our factory?

Postby Ferrara » Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:47 pm

We adopted TPM about 1.5 years ago with great hopes. The initial steps of introductory Education and Propaganda (IEP) for TPM, formation of TPM committee, development of master plan for TPM was made by involving the top management and all the key decision makers in our organization.

An external consultant was also hired to structure and implement this program , stage by stage training to the employees and stakeholders on all eight pillars of TPM was conducted.

Implementation preparation process, establishing the TPM policies and goals and development of the road map for TPM plan is clearly laid out and look very good on papers.
We thought of focusing on Autonomous maintenance and Planned Maintenance initially.
Unfortunately, inspite of investing time, money and resources TPM is not giving the results as good as we were expecting?
The unscheduled downtime is still hovering around 3-4%, OEE at about 86% (increase of just 2% in 18 months)
Where are we wrong? How can we improve it further? The operator engagement level is definitely improving, but it is not reflecting in the results.

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Re: Why TPM is not giving the great results in our factory?

Postby vijay » Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:06 pm

OEE at 86% is pretty good and is an ideal scenario for many and companies can give an arm or limb to achieve such a level of OEE.

Keep on doing the great work, I am sure things will further improve.

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