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Wrapping and tray packaging machines reliability

Postby Guri » Wed May 27, 2015 10:14 pm

Does anybody have any experience of wrapping and tray packing machines? What sort of reliability are you experiencing?

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Re: Wrapping and tray packaging machines reliability

Postby Ferrara » Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:06 pm

Yes, I do have some experience on Roll Wrappers, Shrink Wrappers, Flow Wrappers and tray packaging machines..

I have seen the OEE varying from 30% to 80% on these equipment, reliability of the production line is usually as strong as the weakest link...

I have seen highly reliable machines running at abysmal efficiencies and engaged and motivated workforce transforming the unreliable machines into most reliable machines and squeezing all the juices out of those machines..

I think the most important thing is the engagement of your workforce, your leadership, guidance, and willingness and efforts to make lasting improvements..

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Re: Wrapping and tray packaging machines reliability

Postby victordhone » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:28 pm

Well said Ferrara! I completely agree with your last line. And yes, "reliability of the production line is usually as strong as the weakest link...!!" You couldn't have explained it in a better way.
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Re: Wrapping and tray packaging machines reliability

Postby George » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:39 pm

Good points, Ferrara.

Well, reliability usually is considered to be dependent upon the actions of the Opertaors and Technicians. This is especially true for the equipment which has performed well for some time on the line.

I have seen machines with very high reliability ratings performing sub-optimally on OEE metrics and unreliable machines completely changed and made extremely reliable by the improvements within factory by SGA's (Small group activities), CI, Small improvements / Gemba (a Japanese term for ‘place where it happens’).

Reliabilty is lot more dependent upon the application of engineering knowledge and specialist techniques to prevent or to reduce the frequency of failures.

This involves identifying and correcting the causes of failures / root cause analysis for the breakdowns that happen despite the efforts to prevent them.

Reliability can also be improved by looking at possible potential breakdowns and designing the machines to eliminate those possible incidents or by building contingencies to reduce / eliminate the impact of any breakdown. Reliability is about determining the ways of coping with failures that do occur, if their causes have not been corrected.

Reliability involves methods for estimating the likely improvements of new designs, and is dependent upon capturing and analyzing the reliability data. (MTTR / MTBF / Why Why Analysis, Root cause analysis and so on...)

So, it is important to track and understand the current experience /performance of your wrapping / tray machine or for that matter any machine. It is even more important to have the right intention and work in the correct direction to benchmark targets and achieve the ideal efficiencies.

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