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Accumulation Conveyors:

Accumulation conveyors play a critical role in warehouse and factory automation systems. These conveyors allow for the buffering and accumulation of product in preparation for downstream processes that may operate at a different speed than upstream functions.Accumulation conveyor can be used to transport and regulate product flow to various manufacturing and warehousing processes including: order picking, packing, sortation, palletizing and truck loading, and wrapping, taping, and strapping of goods in preparation for shipping.

Accumulation conveyor works by temporarily buffering, or holding, product on a conveyor until the conveyor control system tells it to release product. This is accomplished by either having items coast to a stop by gently resting against the items in front of them, or by having items come to a stop without allowing any contact between them. The differences between these methods translate to the two categories of accumulation conveyor systems.

CONTACT ZERO-PRESSURE ACCUMULATION CONVEYORallows products to gently rest against each other, minimizing the weight pushing against each item. This pressure is limited to one or two accumulation zones and consists of a gentle bumping as product comes to a rest.

This method of accumulation achieves the most efficient use of accumulation area per linear foot of conveyor and can optimize discharge rates. Most often optical sensors are used to sense the product position and trigger the accumulation or discharge of product along the conveyor as required.

NON-CONTACT ZERO-PRESSURE ACCUMULATION CONVEYOR accumulates product without allowing any contact between items. This is accomplished by dividing the accumulation conveyor into individual zones that each usually holds one item.

Zero pressure accumulation conveyor buffers products without any build-up of line pressure between items or at the discharge end and works especially well with fragile products or products of varying weights and sizes.

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