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Applicator, Straws and Spoons:

Straw applicators and Spoon applicators are pretty unique machines and these are built basis the product and speed requirements, so most of the times these machines are customized and can involve simple mechanical or pneumatic controls OR highly sophisticated and efficient controls such as servo driven motors, remote support capability, touch screen controls etc.

Straw applicator and Spoon applicators are used to stick straw / pipette on the surface of various drink products to make it easier to be consumed, especially suitable to paper boxes, plastic cups and plastic bottles. The usual operations in the machine consist of product transfer, pipette / straws / spoons orientation and carrying, cutting and sticking with reliable and stable performance. All these operations can be done automatically with mechanical, mechatronics and pneumatic controls. The speed and product requirements determine the possible suitable solution.

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Drinking Straw Applicator

Capacity: 6.000 spoons per hour max.
Capacity of the HS version: 12.000 spoons per hour...

Straw Applicator SA7500

CAPAK SA7500 Straw applicator can stick pipette on the surface of various drink products t...