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Aseptic VFFS – Aseptic Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The aseptic vertical form fill seal machine usually forms three sided sealed pouches. The packaging film used is of complex multi-layer material and the film is usually sterilized by hydrogen peroxide in a heated bath. After that in a sterile chamber, it is dried, folded over the forming tube, sealed vertically and then pulled by belts and sealed horizontally. In some machines, the horizontal jaws seal the film and pull the film in the same cycle. After that the product is filled in a sterile environment. Contents are usually made sterile by protecting them with nitrogen and ensuring minimal amount of oxygen during filling and packaging. Once the product is filled, horizontal jaws seal and separate the pack from the film. Aseptic filling is very useful for various dairy products, beverages and vegetable protein drinks. Through, aseptic processing and packaging, the liquid products are provided with a long shelf life up to ninety days.

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