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Augur Filler

Auger filler use an auger or screw to dispense the product. Product is fed to the vertical hopper with the level control and the machine works on the principle of positive displacement of the auger /screw. The volume of the product to be discharged is controlled by counting and controlling the number of revolutions of the auger. Rotation of the auger / screw is controlled by the photoelectric sensor or encoder which in turn controls the product output from the discharging funnel. Depending upon the product, a discharge valve OR a mechanical stopper may be used to stop excess product from discharging between the filling cycles.

Weight &volumetric filler techniques are sometimes combined by putting the load cell directly underneath the auger filler and filling the last 5 to 10% of the product by taking the signal from load cell and using that as the reference to achieve the target. The other option can be of using the check-weigher to measure the weight after filling and then integrating that with the Auger servo controller after every cycle. That information helps the servo controller to alter the auger speed/revolutions for the subsequent filling cycles. This helps in ensuring that the product weight deviations are within a particular range.




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