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Cappers- Triggers, Pumps, Sprays

Semi-automatic or automatic versions of screw capping machines for triggers, pumps, sprays are used in the industry. In a semi-automatic pump / spray capping machine, for applying the cap to a bottle, place the cap loosely onto the bottle and then place the bottle onto the base of the machine so it is resting against the backstop. The bottle should be well-centred between the drive wheels. The operator then presses the foot pedal. The foot pedal controls an air cylinder which supplies the inward and outward motion to the drive wheels. When the foot pedal is pressed, the drive wheels move inward until they contact the cap to be tightened.

When the drive wheels contact the cap, the capping motor automatically starts. The capping motor tightens the cap quickly and then automatically shuts off. When the capping motor shuts off, it signals the operator to release their foot from the pedal. When the operator releases the pedal, the air cylinder moves the drive wheels away from the cap and back to their starting position. The perfectly capped bottle can now be removed from the base of the machine.

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