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Carton/ Tray Erector:

Carton / Tray Erectors are also known as box makers or case makers, the modern automatic case erecting machines are capable to handle wide range of sized cases in a many variety of styles. The carton erector is the heart of the packaging line, the equipment must function to maximum efficiency at all times. Any carton which is not formed correctly may have downstream loading and closing problems which affect the overall lines performance. The range of machines is extensive covering simple low cost mechanical machines to high speed servo motion controlled machines. The machines can form various types of board along with solid or corrugated board and the machines seal with either self-adhesive tape or hot melt glue, hot air orthe conventional 4 corner lock systemand are extremely simple to use. The carton / tray erector can also be integrated with product loaders providing ultra-compact systems for loading products into cartons / corrugated cases. There are a number of customized carton / case / trays erecting systems available to fit various customer requirements.

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Carton erection

Consistent and perfect carton or tray erection is critical for the efficient operation of ...

Case erectors Series 11

Up to 20 case per minute
Cases according to FEFCO 0201, 0200, 0209 and others