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End Load Cartoner:

A packaging machine which erects a folded and side seam sealed carton and places it into a conveyor / horizontal mechanism so that the carton can be filled horizontally by pushing the product into the carton through the open end flap prior to these being closed in the machine. Horizontal End Load Cartoners are very popular because they are simple in concept, versatile, and their design easily accommodates numerous product types and carton sizes. 

In Automatic End Load cartoner, product is conveyed from the primary wrapping machine in a single lane, narrow edge leading to an infeed belt of the loader. The product is driven in to a pocket of a waiting racetrack, which indexes on demand. When the racetrack has been filled, it moves to an unload position, whilst the second set of pockets on the racetrack continue to receive product. When the filled racetrack is in the unload position an overhead pusher transfers the product in to a ‘pocketed positioner’ which lifts and separates the required collations to the pitch of the end load cartoner. A second servo driven pusher transfers products in to the waiting pockets of the cartoner.Horizontal end load cartoners are the most widely used type of carton packing for products as diverse as cornflakes, soups, toothpaste and inkjet cartridges.

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