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 Multi head weighers have got many filling heads (8 to 24 OR more) and an independent load cell is attached to each weight hopper (filling head). The product is usually transferred to the pool hoppers by vibration OR with the help of screws. The pool hoppers hold the product before transferring the product to the weight hoppers, so the pool hoppers act as buffer for the product. The microcomputer checks the weight in each and every weight hopper and looks at the combination of weights for many hoppers at a time and checks the combination weight which is closest to the target weight. Once the set of hoppers having the closest weight to the target weight are determined, the computer sends the signal across to the weight hoppers and those hoppers are opened & the product is dumped into the container. The taring of the weight hoppers and the control of vibration of the product feeders can be done automatically. All of the above work happens in milliseconds and very high accuracy & great speeds are achieved. 


A well-drafted and simple to follow specification of requirement not only sets the quality, safety and performance standards for the equipment, but also provides the greatest scope for maximising the value for money. It’s good to do Value Analysis in terms of determining your own exact requirements.


Decision for buying the Filling Machineshould be based upon your unique circumstances. You are the only one who can decide the quantum of weightage you want to give to the following few points.


  • Reliability & Performance metrics Speed, Wastages, Uptime, Final weight/ volume variation range / excess give away, change over time, available options, capability to handle different products, labor savings, skill availability and capability requirement to run and maintain the machine, ease of cleaning, flexibility to handle different sizes, types of products etc.
  • Quality & Sanitary Requirements Clean Room, Aseptic Filling requirement.
  • Machine effect & impact on product characteristics, Ability to handle various types of products on the same machine. Ability to upgrade / flexibility to build upon the existing machine to cater for future requirements.     
  • Total Cost of Ownership Initial cost, after sales service & support costs, Repair and downtime costs, Utility & consumable costs, Spare parts & Response time from manufacturer / supplier  
  • Integration with upstream & downstream equipment. OEE Connectivity, Integration with SCADA in factory.
  • Multiple function / latest technology machines,  self-diagnostic and advanced inbuilt alarm systems and redundancies,  Advanced servo technology, PackML compatibility, better and productive integration with upstream & downstream machines, remote / mobile operation & control etc.
  • Design Requirements basis Country OR Company / Industry Standards requirements.
  • References, Brand name, Inter-personal rapport.
  • Space Constrain, Lead time, Costs constrains and other limitations.



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