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Cups, Tubs, Cans, Rigid Containers Filling Machines

These machines are fully adjustable to offer a large container size range and are compatible with a wide range of filling. Packaging machine in which pre-made plastic cups or tubs are taken from a magazine or stack, filled and then sealed using a heat sealed aluminum or plastic membrane or with a press on lid, or both. Cups are typically indexed from the filling station to the closing station either using an intermittent motion carousel or an in-line transport mechanism. Cup filling machines are used to pack products like yoghurt, cream or margarine. Depending on the product, speed and manufacturing operations requirement various filling technologies can be used to fill rigid containers and can be volumetric or weighing or level filling machines.

Cup Fillers

Cup fillers are an economical alternative for volumetric filling of free flowing products. The concept is very simple if you imagine dipping your measuring cup into product and then leveling it with a straight edged knife. This is the basic principle behind the cup filler except that the product flows from a hopper above and the knife is the edge of the hopper.

Reciprocating Cup Filler:-

Slow speed cup filling machines are usually of reciprocating types, rates of up to 30 fills per minute are possible depending on the particular product.

Rotary Type Cup Filling Machine:-

Rotary Type Cup Filling Machines are used for many industries including food, dairy, and FMCG. These machines are designed to fill, seal, and lid your products into stackable containers. They are fully automatic and can deliver up to 50 cups per minute per lane (dependent on container, product and seal type).


These machines are suitable for filling free flowing solids with consistent bulk density, viscous fluids, Pasty material with or without solid matters in hot or cold conditions like water, Pudding, ketchup, Cream Cheese, Jelly, Beverages, Lassi, Butter milk, Bean curd, Yogurt, Honey, Jams, Paints, Oils and other similar materials.

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