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Bag in Box Filling Machines

Bag in box machine fills liquid products in bags and pouches. The bags are presented to the machine in the form of continuous module pre-cut’’ bags or in a web. The filler then removes the cap, fills the bag and put back the cap. The web of bags on an automated filling systems are separated on line either before the bag is automatically filled or after completing the filling.

The machine takes the bag up carefully from its packaging box and moves it towards a parking position near the filling axis; a pneumatic cylinder pushes the empty bag quickly from the parking position towards that one of filling, where a track-throat is closed between two grippers and the bag is opened, filled and capped again. The filling cycle is usually automatic, from the attaching and separation of the bag, to the de-capping, vacuuming, filling, nitrogen injection, capping the bag and finally the insertion of the bag into the box.

Handle Insertion Machine, Carton Erection and Carton Closing and Sealing Machine modules are added into the automatic machine to ensure that all these functions can be performed automatically and high speeds and better productivity can be achieved.

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  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM

    Can somebody recommend a machine which can make bags similar to Scholle bags with the taps?
    The machine should be reliable, but it shouldn't be too expensive.
    If some body can recommend the packaging material and taps for those bags as well then it will be great. The bags are required to fill water in 5L to 10L sizes.
    If somebody has any study / experience in terms of cost benefit analysis for producing these bags in house, and they are happy to share the information, then it will be great.
    Please let me know.

    Hiren Pandya

    on May 17, 2016

    Hi Ferrara,

    I can help you.

    Please send me the brief / provide your contact details.

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM

    Is there any bag in box machine which accepts bags in a web as well as single bags?

    We are thinking of doing stand-up bags (supplied as separate bags) as well as pillow type bags which comes in web.

    We will like to have the flexibility to run various sizes (ranging from 1L to 10L) on same machine and the taps on those bags are vitop compact and pouring cap types. We are exploring few more options, so need the flexibility in terms of handling bags and boxes. Any suggestions?

    Richard Broughton

    on March 6, 2016

    I am sure Sacmi and quite a few other BIB machine manufacturers can provide a machine basis your requirements.

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