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Belt conveyors consist of a flat belt running on a flat fabricated steel deck or on rollers. The rollers are used when dealing with heavy products, or when long lengths of conveyor are required. A belt conveyor system consists of two or more pulleys / rollers with an endless loop of carrying mediu / the conveyor belt, which rotates on top of them. One or both of the pulleys are powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward. The powered pulley is called the drive pulley while the unpowered pulley is called the idler pulley. Belt conveyors are smooth and quiet, very stable and allow precise tracking and positive positioning.

This is an excellent conveyor type for handling items that may have loose pieces, strings or tapes attached that would otherwise get caught.Belt conveyors provide a smooth, positive solution for situations where you need a change in elevation e.g. inter-floor situations or to receive or deliver products to a mezzanine level.

Belt Conveyors are used for many applications, but their major use is in transporting material where following requirements dominate:

  • Metering and Tracking: Precise positioning
  • Scanning: with code readers
  • Precise feeding into other conveyors at junctions / equipment
  • Control: Positive transport and positional control
  • Handling fragile and irregular shaped products
  • Belt conveyors can be straight or can have very steep curves

The flat belt consists of one or more layers of material. Many belts in general material handling have two layers. An under layer of material to provide linear strength and shape and an over layer called the cover. Today there are different types of conveyor belts that have been created for conveying different kinds of material available in PVC and rubber materials.


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