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Cutting is used to break down, cut, slice, dice or shred large pieces of food into smaller pieces suitable for further processing, such as in the preparation of meat for retail sales, slicing potatos for making potato chips, dicing vegetables and fruits for further processing and so on.

Cutting machinery is generally simple, consisting of rotating knives, blades in various arrangements. A major requirement on these machines is safety and regular replacement of knives OR various methods to keep the knives sharp so that they cut rather than tear. An example is Slicer, which cuts potatoes into slices in an enclosed rotary bowl where potatoes are fed into the middle of the slicer and the bottom plate rotates along with the outer shell containing blades, the potatoes move with the cetrifugal force towards the edges, where rotating blades inserted within outer shell slice the potatoes for further processing.

Similarly, various cutting machines work differently. Please ask your questions in the comments below OR get in touch with us through the contact us links on the site and we will try and help you.

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