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HFFS- Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

The Horizontal form fill sealing machine (HFFS) machine forms the plastic bags out of a flat roll of plastic film, at the same time filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags. The flow of the product and film is horizontal in case of HFFS machine and the film is formed around the product. HFFS machines are usually continuous motion and are commonly known as flow wrappers.

HFFS machines are required for the products where product orientation, stacking OR breakage is critical. These machines can be distinguished basis operational performance, technology used OR basis the type of the final product.

Decision for buying the horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) / Flow wrapper equipment should be based upon your unique circumstances. You are the only one who can decide the quantum of weightage you want to give to the following few points.

  • Always remember Simpler is better!
  • Reliability & Performance metrics Speed, Wastages, Uptime, Quality of final packs, Change over time, available options, capability to handle different materials, labor savings, skill availability and capability requirement to run and maintain the machine, ease of cleaning, flexibility to handle different sizes, types of packs etc.
  • Quality & Sanitary Requirements Clean Room, Aseptic Filling      
  • Total Cost of Ownership Initial cost, after sales service & support costs, Repair and downtime costs, Utility & consumable costs, Spare parts & Response time from manufacturer / supplier  
  • Integration with upstream & downstream equipment
  • Type of final bag
  • Multiple function Machines, Technology Trends like Ultrasonic Sealing, better sealing technologies, advance servo technology, PackML compatibility, better diagnostic features etc.
  • Design Requirements basis Country OR Company / Industry Standards requirement
  • References, Brand name, Inter-personal rapport.
  • Space Constrain, Lead time, Costs constrains and other limitations.
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  • Tom Enright
    Tom Enright

    We sell secondary packaging equipment. One of our customer is looking for a HFFS machine for packing coffee and they are vacillating between new Chinese machine and a pre-owned Bossar. They know that Bossar are pioneer in this category and leaning towards that machine.
    Looking at the price point (nearly 150K) for 4 years old machine, I think that a new base model to do about 80 packs per minute from other reputed European manufacturers (Spanish, German) shouldn't be far off. I have suggested customer to explore Enflex, Effytec OR Mespack. I have also asked customer to seriously consider VFFS machine as well as I believe their pack range can easily be handled by a VFFS machine as well. Does anyone have an idea of the base price for a good reliable HFFS machine which can do up to 250mm long zipper bag in various shapes (standup, pillow, gusseted, block bottom etc.)?

    Hiren Pandya

    on May 11, 2016

    Hi Tom, We can definitely help and provide a VFFS machine which can do most of the bag types you have mentioned, a brand new VFFS from us is very reliable solution at the most competitive price. We are happy to provide you the referral fee as well. Please send me your contact details on hirenpandya9266@yahoo.com.au
    Vijay Kumar

    on May 4, 2016

    Yes, you are right Tom. A new reliable HFFS machine can be available for that much price. I have sent you a PM, may be we can help. Please respond to me via Email or provide your number / let us talk.
  • George Weller
    George Weller

    My question is regarding HFFS machine for flexible pouches (not the flow wrappers), I will appreciate if some of the Form Fill Seal machines wizard can answer me on this. When Pillow, gusseted, stand up pouches, bags with spouts, zipper / re-sealable bags, different shaped bags, 4 sided sealed bags, almost everything which a HFFS machine can produce can be done on VFFS machines, then what is the need of HFFS machines?

    Why should a customer spend more money for a technology which hasn't evolved as much as it could have?

    I think HFFS machines will keep going down in terms of their utility, I will be happy if someone can prove me wrong!

    Richard Broughton

    on February 18, 2016

    Well, many of the things mentioned above are correct.
    Unforunately, the conclusion you have provided seems to be partial.

    I think that HFFS machines still have many advantages in terms of more flexibility to do a whole range of shaped pouches, the high speeds which you can achieve on HFFS machines are not possible on VFFS machines. The pouch making process is far better controlled on HFFS machine, giving much better aesthetically looking pack and capability to save packaging material by using smaller seal areas.
    Well, I don't want to favor one machine over the other.
    VFFS machines have got their own USP's which make them one of the biggest selling packaging machines in the world. So, let us not argue that one type of machine is going to replace the other type of machine and just relish and enjoy the possibilities we have in packaging. :)
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