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There are various online and offline inspection equipment used in food and beverage industry to check the condition of the product, monitor its quality, compliance to various requirements and product integrity.

Some of the commonly used technologies and equipment in today’s food and beverage industry are Metal Detection, Vision Inspection, X-ray inspection, Color sorting equipment, Leak detection equipment, Moisture analyzers, Check Weighers, Product integrity checking equipment and so on. The choice of the inspection technology and equipment depends upon the type of product, type of packaging, speed, the quality and process requirements, resources and costs and on so many other variables.

  • Rose k
    Rose k

    Is there any inspection equipment to detect seeds or traces of plastics, thread etc. in food products?

    We have a lot of solutions to ensure products free of metal, glass and many other contaminants, but I think that we still need to do a bit more in terms of fool proofing our process to ensure no cross contamination and in terms of automatic inspection of organic contaminants.

    Any inspection equipment suggestions for this?

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