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Keg Fillers


KEG lines are machines for the complete manipulation and processing of - KEGs.



The standard form of the line can consist of the following individual machines:


  • Line for washing and filling KEGs
  • Washer for the exterior surface of KEGs
  • Pre-washer for KEGs
  • KEG turner
  • Scale and checking device for KEG filling
  • KEG depalletization
  • KEG palletization
  • KEG conveyors



Keg Filling Machines – Manual & Automatic


The washing systems are designed to provide:


 a) A thorough washing


b) The verification and control of the rinsing


c) Ensuring the absence of liquid in the barrel at the end of each stage of work .



There is a stainless steel spear tube inside the keg, this tube delivers the product through the valve. It is also used during the washing and sanitizing phase. The tolerances of this spear are usually designed to accommodate specific range of water pressure, flow and wash solution viscosities in order to provide a thorough wash pattern on the interior wall of the keg and around the outer surface of the spear tube.

Once the keg has been washed, it is sanitized by steam OR some other cleaning agents.

After complete washing and sanitizing, the keg is usually purged with filtered inert gas, counter pressurized, and is then ready to fill. 

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