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Labeller- Sleeve – Shrink, Stretch

The principles of operation of the Shrink sleeve labeller starts with un-labelled containers that are fed to the machine via an infeed conveyor and then separated / metered by a feed screw. The shrink sleeve labels are supplied from a roll in the form of a continuous web. There are either one or two reels of film to wrap the product or groups of products with a loose piece of film. The labels in web form are either opened and are put into a tube by a mandrel and fed precisely OR the sleeve is formed by using two reels of film which are joined to form a web around the product. Usually, the registration mark on a printed graphic helps in ensuring that the sleeve is cut precisely and applied to the container. Product is then transported by the use of a conveyor to a steam tunnel where controlled steam heat shrinks the sleeve tightly onto the container in an enclosed steam tunnel. Containers then exit the shrink tunnel through a discharge conveyor.


Stretch Sleever

The stretch sleever operates in a very similar manner to the other sleeve wrappers. The biggest difference is that the film is pulled tight around the product before sealing occurs. This means that the product is held tightly without the need for a shrink tunnel after the wrap has taken place.Polyethylene film ranging from 30 to 60 micron is normally used for this.

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Polyshrink Systems

Speeds up to 450 C.P.M(PolyShrink-560)
Speeds up to 250 C.P.M(PolyShrink-280)

5203 LE Publication Labeler

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