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Labellers- Pallets

Pallet labels can be applied at the point of manufacture or at the point of dispatch. They can be applied automatically using a Label Printer Applicator (LPA), or manually using a Label Printer. The label will contain human-readable text and barcodes / scannable symbols, including the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). 

For automated production lines, LPAs are typically installed at, or immediately after, the pallet stretch wrap station. When installed at the stretch wrapper, it’s common to interlock the LPA with the stretch wrapper to apply an SSCC label on each fork entry side of the pallet. An unattended scanner can be used to read each carton barcode. The LPA will then use that information to print the appropriate pallet label on each fork entry side.

For smaller operations looking for manual pallet labelling, a label printer with the right software can be used to print pallet labels in the right format.

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