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Tray Labelling Machine is mostly used with self-adhesive labels. The labels are usually supplied in roll form on the liner / backing paper. The plastic / paper film liner help the label adhesive to bind with high shear but relatively low tack strength. This helps easy removal while the machine is working & help in very low web displacement and assist in smooth tracking.

There are many different types of Label Applicators for pressure sensitive / self-adhesive labels but they all have one thing in common, that is some method of peeling the labels away from the backing. This is usually done by unwinding the reel of die cut labels and pulling them under tension around a stripper plate. After the label is removed, there are various ways of feeding those labels & applying those on the container / product. That label application process may involve mechanical, pneumatic, electronic, vacuum or combination of these techniques. Operator places a stack of empty unlabeled containers in both (or just single) input buffers. The Machine / tray denester separates containers, lowers them one by one onto conveyor lines and realizes labelling while transportation. Labeled containers next are assembled in vertical stack and moved to accumulating table where Operator takes them away. The synchronization of line speed with the label applicator and accuracy and reliability in achieving this are some of the key features that determine and distinguish different machines and their capability. 

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