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MAP – Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming is a plastic moulding process. It can be used for various products.

The thermoforming process consist of heating  the film,forming cavities (Pockets), loading product,sealing the backing film and trimming the final package. Thermoforming machines require the material in semi rigid or rigid state. This material is used as a substrate of the packaging tray. In a heating station, the material is heated and then trated and then formed into the final shape at the forming station. This process can be supported by the use of vacuum, air or gas pressure. After cooling, the container is transferred to the product loading area. In the loading area,the product is filled and the air extraction and gas flushing is done. All of this happens in a closed chamber. The completion of this step can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. The nature of the product and the desired expectations for that product play very important part in terms of selection of the material, packaging and filling process. 

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SUPRA Thermoformer

Highly efficient.
Quick size change.
Programmable advance speed.
Minimum maint...

OPTIMA Thermoformer

Modular assembly.
Stainless frame (AISI 304).
IP-65 protection system.

TFS 80

Highest quality commercial components.
In accordance with international safety standard...