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Heat Sealing:

Heat sealing is the process of sealing one thermoplastic to another similar plastic material using heat and pressure. The direct contact method of heat sealing utilizes a constantly heated die or sealing bar to apply heat to a specific contact area or path to seal or weld the thermoplastics together. Heat sealing is used for many applications Hand Sealer, Sealing Machine for Rectangular containers, Sealing Machines for cups and trays are few of the heat sealing examples.

Hand operated Impulse bag sealers are great for quick, easy, nice-looking seals at a reasonable price. This sort of sealer is good for low-production requirements where large packaging equipment is not appropriate. It seals many types of thermoplastic films / bags like PE, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HM, HDPE etc.

There are various types of semiautomatic and automatic trays sealing machines. These machines usually have preset sealing heads and location plates that allow the machine to seal many different shapes of containers. These machines can be of standard sealers types only OR can be of vacuum OR MAP type as well. Vacuum and MAP packaging applications are very helpful to ensure better shelf life of the product.

Induction sealing

Induction Sealing is also known as cap sealing. It is a non-contact method of heating an inner seal to thoroughly seal top of various containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped. Induction Sealing helps in ensuring tamper evidence, leak prevention, freshness retention, pilferage protection, sustainability and production speed.

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