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Shrink Wrapping Machines


Shrink wrap machine systems come in many styles, within wide price range and are utilized in extensive applications. Manual shrink wrap machines are portable, light weight, built to last, and require no assembly.

Semi-Automatic L Bar Sealers can handle a higher volume of shrink packaging than manual shrink wrap machines by using a shrink tunnel for sealing packages with either polyolefin shrink wrap film or PVC shrink wrap film. L bar shrink wrap systems can shrink and seal about 10 to 15 packages per minute

Automatic Shrink Wrapping machines continually wrap the products with PE, PVC OR any other suitable film without stopping the product. These machines usually have variable speed infeed conveyor belts and multiple infeed options and then send the packs ınto the tunnel via conveyor band. There are various heating zones and air channels within the heating tunnel to ensure best possible shrinkage of the packs. The heating tunnel exit usually has fans to cool the shrink wrapped packs once they exit the tunnel. These machines can automatically pack the single and multiple glass, cans, PET bottles, any other shaped containers, cartons and boxes, print and stationery products with and without trays etc.

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RTSW Right angle shrink wrapping

The RTSW is a side fed, fully automatic, tight sleeve wrapper with an angled sealing/cutti...


The ITSW is an inline fed, fully automatic, tight sleeve wrapper with an angled sealing/cu...

SRW Single Reel Shrink-Wrapper

This machine is designed to wrap a collation of products at speeds up to 50 packs per minu...