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Snack Food Processing Equipment:

There are so many categories of snacks in the market and sweet and salted snacks are one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry. Various processes are involved in terms of producing snacks, some of the common proceesing methods include Extrusion, Baking, Frying, Roasting, Drying, Irradiation, Fermentation and so on.

Cooking is the most basic and commonly food processing method, it usually involves heating by one way or the other. Heating changes some of the food chemicals making it safer to eat, easier to digest and taste better.

In Snack food processing industry, the type of product, the volume requirement, shelf life requirement and the desired market segment determine the desired process and the type of equipment.  

We can help you choose the right process and guide you in terms of selecting the equipment. Please mention your requirement below in the comments and we will try and help you OR contact us via the links available on the site.


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  • Rosanna Smith
    Rosanna Smith

    Thanks, good information.

    Can you please share the companies who manufacture frying , cooking and extrusion equipment for salted snacks?

    We deal with Heat and Control and TNA often, but will like to understand any other reliable company who can provide equipment for the salted snacks line.

    Ferrara TM

    on January 27, 2016

    R&D Equipment Co, Maddox, Rossi and Catelli, Urschel are few of the snacks processing technology leaders within their domains.