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Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors are ideal to transfer loads from one level to the other level quickly and efficiently without interrupting the conveying process,without extra manual handling or transfers to the other equipment.It ensures a continuous product flow while the elevation is as simple and reliable as a normal straight conveyor. The spiral-shaped conveyor is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space.
The application range for these conveyors is wide, from the handling of individual parcels or totes to handling of packed items such as shrink-wrapped bottle packs or cartons. There are Single Lane Spiral Conveyor, Dual Lane Spiral Conveyor, Mass Flow Spiral Conveyors, Multiple in and outfeed Spiral ConveyorsNarrow Trak and Heavy duty Spiral Conveyor etc.for different products and applications.

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SpiralVeyor SV

Only one drive needed for height differences exceeding 12 m.
A choice of many belt typ...

SpiralVeyor SV300

Outer diameter only 1240mm (less than 4 ft.)
Belt width 300mm
Able to carry most c...

1200 - 200

Small footprint
One drive
Low friction due to the specific Apollo Chain Slat Arragem...