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Tape / Glue Applicator:

Tape Applicators and Taping Machines range from small bench tape machines for hand loading to portable offline taping machines for large sheet feeding. There are many types of customized tape machine to apply tape or laminate and there are also many versions of taping machines fully integrated from auto loading to pick and place and packing into a box.A simple tape applicator may just be used to fold the top of the carton and then close them using tape. A bit more advanced machine comes with automated spaced insertion of the boxes and regulation and control basis the size of the box inserted etc. All these functions are usually completed via interconnected mechanical assemblies.

There are wide range of adhesive applicator machines including slot, bead and adhesive spray technologies to meet the product application requirements. The glue applicator performance depends a lot upon precision metering of the glue, application type, continuous OR intermittent operation and on the coating technology.The main assemblies of the glue applicator include dosing system, application head / nozzle / glue gun, adhesive pump and control technology.

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Semi-Automatic Single Block Case Former & Sealer

Adjustable on the box sizes by handles
The operator picks the closed box and squares it...

Automatic Cardboard Box / Case Erector (hot Melt Glue)

Positive case extraction
Precise case forming
Inner flap folding guaranteed