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Top Load Cartoner:

The simplest system involves some assistance of collating the product and then manual product loading. The modern automatic high speed top load cartoners are available with multi-axis robots and usually accept products contained in various shapes and sizes. These products are then collated in fast indexing pocketed conveyors and loaded into cartons, trays or corrugate cases. Automatic Machineswith robots can easily handle varying speeds of product infeed up to 1000 single products per minute depending upon size and shape. Dual infeed versions are also available, designed to accept products from two primary sources. Inclusion of the closing options like a separate lock-former and glue-former or variable pitch carton closers create totally integrated systems incorporating enormous benefits. Systems are usually modular, capable of different pack collations and a wide range of speeds and floor plan options are possible.

The carton used on these modern machinescan be made from a thin or heavy gauge chipboard, a corrugated micro flute board finished with a high quality the range of carton closers. The good quality modern technology top load cartonersproduce a perfectly formed, square and mark free carton that is secure and strong for shipping and shelf or freezer display.

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Technical specifications
Motion: Continuous
Electrical: 230V – 575V/3PH, 50/60Hz Details