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Traditional Case Packer:


The most common Case used in packaging is the Regular Slotted Case (RSC), apparently the most cost effective style of case. All Flaps Meet (AFM), Half Slotted Case (HSC), RSC bottom with top folding flaps, many other hybrid & display Case types are also quite common in the industry.Case Erection, Case Packing and Case Sealing are three functions which can all be done on a single machine automatically or one or more functions can be performed manually in semi-automatic machines. The way the case packing is performed usually determines the machine type.Case Packing Machines of the following types generally come in traditional case packer styles.

Side Loading/ End Loading / Horizontal Load:

These types of Case Packers are useful where the product confirms closely to the shape of the case. The formed case arrives in at the case packing station in vertical or horizontal orientation. The open end of the case is aligned with the loading station and product is discharged.

Vertical Placing and Drop packing:

Cases can be packed by traditional pick & place method.

Drop Packer consists of a collating and staging station above a case positioning system. This system is pretty similar to Vertical placing where the product will be dropped down through the station.

Down Packing:

It is a hybrid method of packing and combines both vertical packing and drop packing.

Rotary Case Packers:

A continuous-motion rotary case packer is deployed for high-speed applications. The machine consists of rotary turret with a series of case packing heads / product discharge system and the product is gently lowered into the case.

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