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Unscramblers are meant to take empty bottles / containers in bulk and then orientate, feed and position those containers to the air conveyor or mechanical conveyor for further downstream equipment for processing.

Various approaches are applied to unscrambe the containers, but most of the time centrifugal force principle is applied in the design and construction of the machine. Usually, the bottle unscrambler is composed of round silo, rotary cylindical shell / tower, bottle drop device, and variable drive system. Usually, a conveyor, dump hopper or a bottle elevator is attached to supply the empty PET bottles to the top of main machine. On the unscrambler, there is a level sensor which controls bottles infeed and the quantity the bottle in the main machine. A number of manufacturers make Unscramblers, and there are a lot of options available, but the equipment should be selected after considering all of the below options.

Reliability and performance metrics, Speed, change over time, available options, capability to handle different containers, labour savings, skill availability and capability requirement to run and maintain the machine, ease of cleaning, flexibility to handle different sizes, types of containers etc.

Quality & Sanitary Requirements Clean room etc.

Total Cost of Ownership Initial cost, after sales service & support costs, repair and downtime costs, utility & consumable costs, spare parts & response time from manufacturer / supplier

Integration with upstream & downstream equipment

Know your product and containers sizes and types and make sure that the machine is able to cater for all your products.

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The technological leadership of Lanfranchi unscramblers is based on numerous patents

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