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Vibratory feeders are used to feed product to a downstream machine OR to meter / control the flow of material from a hopper or bin. Vibratory feeders can be utilized as fixed rate product distribution system, or at an adjustable rate as per the requirements. Capacities of the Vibratory Feeders range from a few pounds to thousands of tons of product per hour or more.

The basic motion of the vibratory trough, is a controlled directional linear vibration which produces a tossing or hopping action of the material. This can be achieved by electromagnetic or purely mechanical way / Electromechanical method. Material distribution speed can vary from 0 to 40+ meter per min, depending on the combination of frequency, amplitude and slope vibration angle. 

Electromagnetic feeders are powered by electromagnetic force. It is usually considered to be better than electromechanical feeders since it requires less maintenance due to the lack of mechanical parts, such as chains, motors, belts, bearings and eccentric weights. It can also handle materials better, create extremely accurate feed rate controls and involve in non-stop processes.



Electromechanical vibratory feeders are easy to setup, motor powered equipment. They have the same capability as electromagnetic feeder and are usually considered to be of ancient design. Air powered vibrating feeders are also available as an alternate to the electromechanical feeders as they have the same simple mechanical force design concept – the vibratory drive is directly attached to the tray.

Vibratory Feeder selection criteria should encompass

Reliability and performance metrics, Speed requirement, Requirement to run and maintain the machine, ease of cleaning.

Quality & Sanitary Requirements, Any Clean room requirements

Total Cost of Ownership Initial cost, after sales service & support costs, repair and downtime costs, utility & consumable costs, spare parts & response time from manufacturer / supplier

Integration with upstream & downstream equipment

Be as simple as possible

Require minimum space

Be flexible and adaptable

Require minimum of loading, unloading and rehandling;

Have a long useful life; Capable of higher capacity utilization;

Perform the operation efficiently and economically.





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