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Wrap Around Case Packer:

A wrap around case packer takes loose product, collates the product into the required format then delivers the product to the wrapping station where the case is formed around the collation / group of product packages making it a tight pack. However, should dividers be required they can be fitted between the infeed and the case packing operation - this is achieved using a table top robot to place the dividers as the collation moves forward. The box flaps are closed automatically and sealed using hot melt glue which makes for a very strong seal.

Wraparound cases significantly reduce the amount of corrugate overlaps, while still providing a strong case that delivers superb strength for palletizing and distribution. It forms all common “end of the line” pack styles and wraps a vast range of products.

The benefits of wraparound case packing are numerous, such as flat blank storage and shipment and greater case blank magazine capacity. Typically, corrugate use is lowered and the cost per blank is less due to the unglued manufacturer's joint. Improved palletizing can be achieved because the loaded wraparound cases are squarer than a typical RSC type case. Wraparound case packers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. In addition, the wraparound case packer is capable of handling harness style case blanks, trays with or without display windows, and case blanks with tear-off perforations.

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