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Wrapping Machines wrap a flexible packaging material, (e.g. paper, film, aluminum), around a product or group of products.

Common styles of Wrapping Machines are Flow-wrapping, Overwrapping, Shrink-wrapping and Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines. For this sort of packaging an automatic or semiautomatic machine is used for piece-by-piece wrapping OR for group of items wrapping of mass-produced articles (Food, beverage, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG goods such as candy, bottles, biscuits, soap, razor blades etc.)

A wrapping machine usually consists of a wrapping mechanism; a transporting device that receives, moves, and unloads the articles; rolls of wrapping material or a magazine with previously prepared labels (frequently both rolls and a magazine are used); and a gluing device and sometimes a counting mechanism. The sequence of operation is controlled by mechanical cams and actuators OR by electronic sensors, timers, Servo drives and controllers, PLC program, electro-mechanical components etc.

Depending on the construction of the wrapping machine, the articles are wrapped either on a line or on a standalone turntable, with a periodic displacement from one operating member of the wrapping mechanism to another such member. One-, two-, or three-layer packaging can be done. Wrapping materials used include paper, aluminum, cellophane, and foil. A wrapping machine can be used as an independent unit or as a part of an automatic prepacking and packaging machine. Capacity of an automatic wrapping machine for confectionary products (for instance, candy) can be as high as 600 pieces per minute; for semiautomatic machines, it is from 120 to 130 pieces per minute.

There are many distinct styles of wrapping.  One of the major application is in the field of shrink wrapping where heat is applied by various means to a thermoplastic material already loosely wrapped around the product or group of products, which then shrinks around them to form a tight wrap. This method is often used for transit wrapping and protective packaging of larger item such as doors or even bricks on a pallet.

Because wrapping is so versatile it is used in many sectors, however, it is most common in food, bakery and confectionery for single items which can range from confectionery (count line), bars and cakes through to cheese and sausages.

Many single item wrappers can handle products at very high speeds, particularly in the confectionery sector.

When wrapping is used for larger items or units or for grouping single products in multipacks for point of sale, or in larger numbers for transportation, then speeds tend to be slower. However, some applications in the beverage sector can achieve speeds up to 250 to 350 packs / minute in 2 or 3 lane machines to match the speed of upstream and downstream equipment on the line.


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