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operate on a continuous 3 shift basis in high pressure production environments n Selfl ubricating chains eliminate the risk of cases being contaminated by grease or oil and also reduces the cleaning required to remove dirt caused by the mixture of oil and cardboard dust. These machines are designed to cover speed ranges between 40 and 60 cartons/minute They use the electronic finger container selection system and are equipped with a high-capacity and high-precision feeder magazine.

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Laser Guided Vehicles_4_TripleMExpo
Laser Guided Vehicles_4

LGV model that combines the ability to load up to 1500 Kg, maintaining very small dimensions. Indust...

Top Fill Fillers>>Liquid Filling Machine >>Automatic volumetric filler for liquids_TripleMExpo
Top Fill Fillers>>Liquid Filling Machine >>Automatic volumetric filler for liquids

Lynx is the range of fillers dedicated to fill viscous liquids adopting the technology of volumetric...

Shrink-wrap packers Vega HT_TripleMExpo
Shrink-wrap packers Vega HT

Low consumption shrinking tunnel
Wide use of high efficiency motors
Possibility to handle even...

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