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Company: AROL S.p.A.

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EQUATORQUE is a rotary capping machine/turret with capping heads controlled by motors with integrated control electronics
able to apply pre-threaded plastic caps on PET, glass and HDPE containers.
Electronic Control based on PACDRIVE technology by ELAU with brushless motors

CH-4000  _TripleMExpo

Our high speed automatic capper is designed to suit your needs where high output cap placement and ...

CH-1000 / CH-1400_TripleMExpo
CH-1000 / CH-1400

Our most versatile Automatic chuck capper is designed to pick, place and tighten almost any shape ca...

CH-500 / CH-600_TripleMExpo
CH-500 / CH-600

Semi automatic cap tightener is simply mounted to an existing conveyor
The operator needs only to...

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