Company: Ferrum Ltd.

F505 Feedback

Entire seaming area in stainless steel
Automatic and loss-free oil lubrication system
Automatic speed-dependent undercover gas flow regulation
Increased precision for applications with light-weight cans and end material
Easy operation and cleaning
Minimal maintenance requirements
24-hour non-stop operation
Maximum safety for the operating personnel
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Automatic systems up to 4000 CPH_TripleMExpo
Automatic systems up to 4000 CPH

These systems are designed to carry out automatically the cycles of filling
Seaming of cans and c...

12 MH Seamer_TripleMExpo
12 MH Seamer

Rated Speed up to 1800 CPM
12 Seaming Stations for Beer and Beverage Applications
Stainless St...


Rated Speed up to 1000 CPM
Stainless Steel Sloped Base and Components to Optimize Hygienic Design...

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