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Company: JBT Corporation

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AGVs are an extremely popular class of automatic guided vehicle because of their versatility and flexibility
These AGVs can easily be reconfigured to handle new and/or additional tasks
Load movement on forked AGVs is available with either hydraulic or electric actuators to maximize speed and accuracy
Load movements include raise, lower, reach, tilt, and fork width adjustment
Forked AGVs can also be equipped with fork tip sensors to confirm fork pocket openings, and fork tip bumpers to prevent improper pickup or damaged pallets
JBT Corporation is the leading supplier of forked AGVs and offers a variety of forked vehicle types
These different forked AGV types include the outrigger or straddle fork, reach fork, pantograph, side reach fork, counterbalance, compact fork, forkover, narrow aisle, telefork, and the HyBot or Walkie AGV

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