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Company: Egemin Automation Inc.

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Repetitive transports
Multi-shift and 24/7 operations
Mid to long-distance travel
Mid to high-frequency throughput
Material flows with a large number of buffer locations
Complex production flows
Transport to and from automated warehouses, WIP (Work-in-process) and production
Transport in challenging or less operator-friendly environments
Automatic guided vehicle systems are fully automatic transport systems
AGVs safely transport all kinds of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments
Reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profitability

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Laser Guided Vehicles_4_TripleMExpo
Laser Guided Vehicles_4

LGV model that combines the ability to load up to 1500 Kg, maintaining very small dimensions. Indust...

Forklift AGVs_TripleMExpo
Forklift AGVs

Automatically pick up and deliver pallets, containers, rolls, carts
They can pick and drop load f...

Load Transfer AGVs_TripleMExpo
Load Transfer AGVs

These automated guided vehicles carry one, two or four loads at a time and interface with conveyors,...

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