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AGVs can be designed for any purpose, NDC has a wide range of vehicle models for carrying different types and specifications of load
The ability to customise an AGVs capabilities makes it easier to match the vehicle to your particular facility
An Automated Guided Vehicles system can help to make your operation more efficient
Tracking and control of your product allows you to find out where it is at any time
they can also be known as: Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV), Self Guided Vehicles (SGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC).and sometimes on the relative size (Automated Guided Carts)
Sometimes the naming is based on features of the vehicles (such as Laser Guided Vehicle)

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Laser Guided Vehicles_4_TripleMExpo
Laser Guided Vehicles_4

LGV model that combines the ability to load up to 1500 Kg, maintaining very small dimensions. Indust...

Laser Guided Vehicles_1_TripleMExpo
Laser Guided Vehicles_1

Repetitive transports
Multi-shift and 24/7 operations
Mid to long-distance travel
Mid to hi...

Forklift AGVs_TripleMExpo
Forklift AGVs

Automatically pick up and deliver pallets, containers, rolls, carts
They can pick and drop load f...

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