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MPFSC75 - TripleMExpo

The product is loaded into the hopper and a conveyor meters the product to the filling head. Two machines can be used in combination for in-row filling of two different products (such as rice or pasta and vegetables) into the same container or over a 2-lane production line (or multiple lanes) to fill the
same product into side-by-side containers.
MPFSH-075 pneumatic filling system. Speeds up to 75 cpm can be obtained depending on product, fill volumes and container line configurations

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  • Hiren Pandya
    Hiren Pandya

    I understand that this filling machine is good for filling cooked cheesy pasta and cooked vegetables with sauce etc.

    Is it possible to integrate this machine with a VFFS Machine as well?

    We have a customer who is considering to launch frozen meals in pouches.

    We were just wondering if anybody has got any experience with this machine in India?

    If somebody can share some of their experiences, then it will be great. Please send me the details on hirenpandya9266@yahoo.com.au


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