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MBC manufactures an Open Top Product Filler Station for our Aerosol customers. The Filler Station is available with 5/16″ or 7/16″ nozzles. This station is available for our High Speed Rotary, Rotary Index, and Handline Machinery, as well as having the ability to retrofit to other vendor machinery. Also see our Product Metering Cylinders and Product Tank as associated products to this station. Please contact sales@mbc-aerosol.com today for a quote.
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  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar

    Yes, Brian. They do. Please see http://mbc-aerosol.com/bag-on-valve-machinery/

    I have sent you a private message to discuss the details.

    Let us talk, hopefully I will be able to help...

  • Brian Minto
    Brian Minto

    Does MBC make BOV machines as well?

    Please let us know.

TTV Filler_TripleMExpo
TTV Filler

MBC manufactures a Through the Valve Filler Station for our BOV customers. This station is availabl...

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Tip-Cap-Valve Insertion

MBC produces Tipping, Capping, and diptubeless Valve Insertion machines using a common base platform...

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