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The ScanTrac Solo is built on InspX’s side view inspection platform that is optimized for rigid container applications. The Solo offers a very high level of inspection performance in an easy to install and maintain package. The Solo fits over your existing conveyor line and its small footprint ensures that it will fit without major re-engineering to your line. Furthermore, the Solo is designed for extremely high speed applications with conveyor speeds up to 700 linear feet per minute.
Ease of Installation and Small Footprint.
Remote Diagnostics
Accuracy at High Speeds
Simultaneous Inspections
Targeted Rejection
Intuitive User-Friendliness
NEMA4 / IP65 Enclosure
Operator Display
Operator Display
Communications Options
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  • Brian Minto
    Brian Minto

    Can this machine check glass contaminant in glass bottles as well?

    What sort of maximum speed can it run?

    Vijay Kumar

    on April 13, 2016

    Yes, Brian.

    It can.

    Can you please send me some more information as to what exactly you are looking for and what is you contact number?

    OR send me an Email / call me. I have sent my details to you via a personal message from your profile.
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