Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, a living reality

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I have a few farms in the remote parts of USA, there’s not much arable land and the weather is not favorable at our place. I am growing plants using fish and circulating water. A close loop system that combines hydroponics (water-based planting) and aquaculture (fish farming).

Aquaponics has established itself as the revolutionary farming method. By adding sensors and connectivity, the system is able to inform the machines as to when and how the irrigation, cultivation and harvesting is to be done.

We use sensors (to detect water level, pH, temperature and current condition of the plants), microprocessors (mostly the open-source), relay cards and everything is connected to cloud and all my “machinery” and “farm animals” are connected with the social media networks and interact with each other. I don’t need to worry about the degradation in the pH levels, the tanks containing the chemicals speak with the sensors and disperse the required amount. I get a message whenever there’s any problem anywhere. I don’t usually need to go to the farm as all my machines speak with each other and are quite intelligent to perform their duties without any external intervention.

On the daily basis, my granddaughter sends me new cooking recipes that she is learning at the recently established human colony on Mars. I just baked a pie on the 3D printer which she had sent with love and I could feel her fragrance and warmth in the pie, it tasted exactly like my daughter used to make.

It’s been years since I have met my daughter and her family. I don’t know how the time flew so fast. We used to stay together and couldn’t live separately even for a single day and now if we’re lucky, we can talk with each other once a week.

My friends and cousins in India are surviving somehow, just spoke with Raju the other day, he was complaining that they had a power outage for about 6 hours that day. Seems like not much has changed…

Over the years, the disparity has increased even further and the richest 1% in the world now own more than the “bottom half” of our world. The rich are getting even richer and 4 out of 10 people in our world are still finding it hard to have 3 meals a day. We still talk about better sanitation conditions for them, but are apathetic to their needs. Ebola is still killing people in Africa and we can’t even provide decent burials for them. I can hear their cries, but can’t do much. All of this is shaking me up and I don’t know where we are heading.

“Why don’t you listen, I have been crying and shaking you for so long”, My wife blasted…

Oops…thank God, it was just a dream.

My wife was waking me up to do the chores, “go and get the milk and vegetables from the market”.

Can there be some automated solution for coming true to your wife’s wishes?

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