Packetto Secondary Packaging is evolving. Your business too.



Packetto™ makes you earn! 
We at OCME believe that with a review of their secondary packaging, beverage companies can increase their competitiveness. For this reason, we created a laboratory of ideas, OCME Packetto™ Lab, with the aim of creating value through innovative solutions.

Packetto™ Lab is OCME’s research concept where innovative solutions for the packaging industry find their place.
The OCME engineering department creates and develops ideas to meet specific needs of our customers, but it’s also the place where creativity combined with technique bring solutions to the market.
Some examples are:
Packetto™ Eco: Ecological bundle with handle. OCME is able to produce an innovative pack having ecological and economical benefits. Packetto™ Eco is a new bundle allowing use of very light film with new handle type for easy carrying.
Packetto™ Smart: OCME’s new technology allows obtaining a perfect pack – The faces are smooth and wrinkles-free – The shoulders are without foldbacks – Logos are clearly displayed
Marketing-friendly - Available area for logos is increased
Cost saving - The amount of film is reduced (up to 20% less): material costs are reduced as well – The shrink process is positively controlled: less dependence on the quality of film
Packetto™Party: OCME’s Iceproof pack, is the alternative packaging solution for beverage multipacks. It allows you to easily enter the ice and to hold it perfectly with an integrated handle for a comfortable carrying. Its ability to keep the beverage cool makes it functional as well as with a unique “sharing-friendly” design.

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