SIPA Lightweight PET bottle manufacturing taken to a new level


SIPA of Veneto, Italy, a global leader of Stretch Blow Moulding Machines have released the bottle production plant of the future – the new XTREME Sincro machine at the recent BrauBeviale Exhibition in Germany.

“The XTREME Sincro is the world’s first integrated injection – compression – stretch blow moulding (ICSBM) system that embodies numerous advantages for bottle producers” said SIPA’s General Manager Enrico Gribaudo. “It combines the flexibility of two-stage systems with the convenience of a single step system. One that is compact, flexible and easy to operate and has very low energy consumption”.

The XTREME injection compression systems is able to produce preforms that are up to 10% lighter than those made on conventional injection moulding systems. Injection compression moulding overcomes the issue of filling moulds with thin walls by having the moulds slightly open when injection starts, and then closing them as dosing finishes. The result is L/T ratios of 80 which is almost double that achieved by conventional injection moulding. This also means lower injection pressure is used, lower clamp force is needed thereby extending the mould life.

The XTREME is coupled with a SFR EVO³ rotary stretch blow moulding unit. Special features include a new clamp unit achieving output rates of up to 2250 bottles per hour per cavity; a new compact blowing valve block that has 35% less dead air volume and a reduced overall footprint.

Fast mould changeover makes it easier to convert production from cold-fill to hot-fill containers as the heating circuit remains in the shell holder, while the cooling circuit is built into the cavity.

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