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Ferrara TM

VFFS and HFFS Packaging Machines Expert, PLC programmer for Bosch, Wright packaging machines

  • 4 years ago

Design expertise on VFFS and HFFS machines.
Worked on many patented designs and created unique advantages for my employers.
PLC programming, Electrical design, Safety and network design experience on VFFS and HFFS machines.



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  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on Bag In Box Filling Machines

    Can somebody recommend a machine which can make bags similar to Scholle bags with the taps?
    The machine should be reliable, but it shouldn't be too expensive.
    If some body can recommend the packaging material and taps for those bags as well then it will be great. The bags are required to fill water in 5L to 10L sizes.
    If somebody has any study / experience in terms of cost benefit analysis for producing these bags in house, and they are happy to share the information, then it will be great.
    Please let me know.

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on Bag In Box Filling Machines

    Is there any bag in box machine which accepts bags in a web as well as single bags?

    We are thinking of doing stand-up bags (supplied as separate bags) as well as pillow type bags which comes in web.

    We will like to have the flexibility to run various sizes (ranging from 1L to 10L) on same machine and the taps on those bags are vitop compact and pouring cap types. We are exploring few more options, so need the flexibility in terms of handling bags and boxes. Any suggestions?

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on corrugated box making machine

    I don't know much about corrugated board making machine, can you put some brochures / details etc?
    Can you make 3 ply or 5 ply board on the same machine OR you need to have a separate machine for that?
    Can recycled paper run on your machines OR one needs to have a virgin paper?

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on Packaging Machines

    Today, technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives and revolutionized our lifestyles. Looking into the future, the trends like Edible Packaging, Water Soluble Packaging, Self-Cooling and Self-Heating Packaging can really take off in a big way. I really like the simple solution of addressing the problem of heating or cooling of the pack before consumption, researchers have, recently, managed to make self-temperature alterations possible within the packaging of the food. Self-cooling is done by “microcool” technology, which absorbs carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere and releases it when the button is pressed, causing an immediate drop in temperatures. For self-heating packaging, a product called HeatGenie is used which is added at the bottom of the food packaging and can heat foods up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in couple of minutes.

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on VFFS - Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

    I like the vffs history, thought of sharing that link here. www.triplemexpo.com/news/machine-stories-vffs-history-and-current-market