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Altruism is dead, it is just a pseudonym for demagogues, deep down everyone is living in illusion

  • 4 years ago

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.
Arthur Koestler



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  • George Weller
    George Weller Participate in this discussion on HFFS - Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

    My question is regarding HFFS machine for flexible pouches (not the flow wrappers), I will appreciate if some of the Form Fill Seal machines wizard can answer me on this. When Pillow, gusseted, stand up pouches, bags with spouts, zipper / re-sealable bags, different shaped bags, 4 sided sealed bags, almost everything which a HFFS machine can produce can be done on VFFS machines, then what is the need of HFFS machines?

    Why should a customer spend more money for a technology which hasn't evolved as much as it could have?

    I think HFFS machines will keep going down in terms of their utility, I will be happy if someone can prove me wrong!