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    We sell secondary packaging equipment. One of our customer is looking for a HFFS machine for packing coffee and they are vacillating between new Chinese machine and a pre-owned Bossar. They know that Bossar are pioneer in this category and leaning towards that machine.
    Looking at the price point (nearly 150K) for 4 years old machine, I think that a new base model to do about 80 packs per minute from other reputed European manufacturers (Spanish, German) shouldn't be far off. I have suggested customer to explore Enflex, Effytec OR Mespack. I have also asked customer to seriously consider VFFS machine as well as I believe their pack range can easily be handled by a VFFS machine as well. Does anyone have an idea of the base price for a good reliable HFFS machine which can do up to 250mm long zipper bag in various shapes (standup, pillow, gusseted, block bottom etc.)?

  • Tom Enright
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    Patrick, I am not sure regarding the price difference between these two packers, but I am sure that both the Packers are pretty good. Probably, Kisters would be a bit more expensive than Ocme.

    Anyways, I believe if you want any of these machines, you should have a capex of atleast half a million dollars. So, if you are prepared to spend that much money, you should definitely explore both the options.
    If you are looking for an optimized and reliable solution within reasonable costs, then I might be able to help you. Please let me know.
    All the very best!