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Intermittent issues of Product in seal on VFFS machine

Getting frustrated as the product in seal issue comes suddenly, the machine works good for many shifts and then intermittently starts giving product in seal problem. The machine timings remain same, product type, quality, density, weight, pouch size... Read More

Convenience Packaging, Is it helping or more QA challenges

Convenience packaging is a great market pull factor and in many cases it helps a lot to so many people. With the fast adoption of convenience packaging, are we compromising the shelf life, product integrity or increasing the chances of pilferage? ... Read More

OEE, how is it measured and why is it so hard to improve?

Overall equipment effectiveness is a metric, which is considered sacrosanct to show the operational effectiveness of the organisation. Why is it so important? How can we improve it when the market requirements call for extremely flexible production ... Read More

Food products recall, major issues and possible solutions

In developed economies more than 50% of food product recalls are due to microbial contamination and undeclared allergens. Having a good food allergen and microbial contaminant management plan is prerequisite for any good organization, but why are the... Read More