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How industry professionals are responding...

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar Participate in this discussion on Check Weighers

    Can anyone recommend a suitable check-weigher to do 425 grams of cans at 600 CPM or more?

    I know MT may have a suitable solution, looking for some other company who may have a competitive product at these speeds.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hiren Pandya
    Hiren Pandya Participate in this discussion on MPFSC75

    I understand that this filling machine is good for filling cooked cheesy pasta and cooked vegetables with sauce etc.

    Is it possible to integrate this machine with a VFFS Machine as well?

    We have a customer who is considering to launch frozen meals in pouches.

    We were just wondering if anybody has got any experience with this machine in India?

    If somebody can share some of their experiences, then it will be great. Please send me the details on hirenpandya9266@yahoo.com.au

  • Ferrara TM
    Ferrara TM Participate in this discussion on Bag In Box Filling Machines

    Can somebody recommend a machine which can make bags similar to Scholle bags with the taps?
    The machine should be reliable, but it shouldn't be too expensive.
    If some body can recommend the packaging material and taps for those bags as well then it will be great. The bags are required to fill water in 5L to 10L sizes.
    If somebody has any study / experience in terms of cost benefit analysis for producing these bags in house, and they are happy to share the information, then it will be great.
    Please let me know.

  • Richard Broughton
    Richard Broughton Participate in this discussion on Leadership Styles

    I think that situations and circumstances have great influence on the leadership style a leader adopts. A true leader usually has the intention and strength to make sure that everyone performs to their best. Setting up the agenda, team work, ensuring well being of all involved comes naturally to the true leader.

    I think leadership develops when the person's intention to take on the responsibility and desire to make a positive difference in other peoples life grows in direct proportion with their intention to serve.

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