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  • Hiren Pandya
    Hiren Pandya Participate in this discussion on Fillers

    One of our customer is interested in having a complete filling and packaging line for fragrances and various oils.
    The primary containers are plastic bottles ranging from 10ml to 250ml and the line speed required is 80 bpm.
    The machines required on the line are Unscrambler, Filler, Capper, Labeller and Cartoner.
    If you can provide the complete line, please let me know hirenpandya9266@yahoo.com.au and I will send further details

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald Participate in this discussion on Conveyors, Accumulators and Distribution systems

    Well, the simplistic definition regarding conveyors and distribution systems here brought smile on my face. There are numerous applications where the transfer of product from A to B is pretty complex and a lot of effort, knowledge and experience goes into designing and manufacturing the conveying and distributions systems in those applications.

  • Rose k
    Rose k Participate in this discussion on Inspection Equipment

    Is there any inspection equipment to detect seeds or traces of plastics, thread etc. in food products?

    We have a lot of solutions to ensure products free of metal, glass and many other contaminants, but I think that we still need to do a bit more in terms of fool proofing our process to ensure no cross contamination and in terms of automatic inspection of organic contaminants.

    Any inspection equipment suggestions for this?

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar Participate in this discussion on Check Weighers

    Can anyone recommend a suitable check-weigher to do 425 grams of cans at 600 CPM or more?

    I know MT may have a suitable solution, looking for some other company who may have a competitive product at these speeds.

    Any suggestions?

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