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"TripleMExpo" is an interactive web-based platform for FOOD, BEVERAGE, FMCG and PHARMACEUTICAL industry.

The purpose of our business is to effectually generate 'new business leads' and try and 'qualify those leads' to some extent for our customers (Machinery manufacturers, Material manufacturers, Service providers in food, beverage, FMCG and pharmaceutical domains)

Through this platform, you will get following benefits

  • 24 x7 online interactive shop front.
  • Show your products and services with Brochures , Photos and Videos. Market your products by targeted news, articles, whitepapers and press releases.
  • Generate commercial contacts.
  • Enhanced exposure by integration with social networking sites.
  • Get regular reports regarding customer dossier, details, queries etc. Manage communication and positively integrate users feedback on your shop front.
  • Maximize relevant lead generation and brand recognition. Make your content available on iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.
  • Index contents with Google and other search engines.

We are different to our competition because of very economical prices, far superior product and significantly better service.

All of us will succeed together because ours is going to be a unique platform where Users will have following advantages

  • Collect and analyze the features of machines, materials and services on a single platform.
  • Very intuitive & free access for the relevant information to all.
  • Discuss and share anything related to machinery, technology & ask questions from the experts.
  • Users involvement by online interaction, feedback mechanism and as a mutual learning platform.
  • Direct interaction between customers and manufacturers.
  • Integration with facebook, Linkedin and Google+
  • Customer centric approach in whatever we do!
  • No competitor providing these features as of now
  • Low cost model: Significantly lower prices for the customers to become premium members, free basic membership service for customers. Users will have free access for everything.
  • Platform made by professionals having significant experience in machinery selling, machinery usage, machinery and materials purchase, food and beverage manufacturing and IT.

So, come join us today.